Gzoom for managing the anti-corruption policy at the italian space agency

Gzoom for managing the anti-corruption policy at the italian space agency

A new customer consolidates GZOOM’s presence in the Central Public Administration market: after the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and ISMEA (the Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market), it is the turn of the Italian Space Agency which will use the “GZOOM Anticorruption” module to manage the risk of corruption.

The Italian Space Agency in brief

A national public body, supervised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (A.S.I.)(Italian Space Agency) was founded in 1988, to then establish itself – in just two decades – as one of the the most important innovation and research centres in the fields of space science, satellite technologies and the development of means to reach and explore the cosmos.

The activity carried out by A.S.I. has helped to reconstruct the first moments of life of the Universe and to provide scientific instruments that have travelled with the probes in pursuit of the secrets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

One of the many A.S.I. flagships is undoubtedly the International Space Station (ISS), the first human outpost in orbitin space. It can be considered man’s greatest engineering work and one that Italy provided a fundamental contribution to. Visible to the naked eye from the ground and as large as a football field, theISS weighs 450 tons and rotates around the planet at 28,000 km per hour, taking 90 minutes for a complete orbit.

Remarkable data and performance that A.S.I. will endeavour to also demonstrate in controlling the risk of corruption to ensure greater transparency in the management of regulatory aspects.


Management of corruption risk

The corruption risk management model adopted by GZOOM envisages mapping the processes in relation to the risk areas identified by the National Anti-Corruption Authority, subsequently itemising these in Phases and Activities. Thanks to the risk catalogue proposed by GZOOM, the corruption risks and their possible causes are identified.

Furthermore, with the GZOOM Anti-corruption module, A.S.I. will be able to:

  • map all administrative processes, specifying their phases, activities and responsibilities;
  • calculate the risk of multiple organisational processes and continuously update their risk level;
  • adopt specific reporting and protection measures;
  • produce the Three-Year Plan for the Prevention of Corruption and Transparency (Italian P.T.P.C.T.).

A.S.I. will therefore be able to effectively manage the aspects of the legislation on the prevention of corruption and to periodically monitor the correct execution of the risk containment activities envisaged by law, including in compliance with the obligations of transparency.

GZOOM to support research and excellences

GZOOM will help A.S.I. to:

  • protect the PUBLIC VALUE created by the Administration in its research mission, to treat and retain Italian excellence;
  • contribute, through the transfer of knowledge, to the quality of life of the reference community (in economic, cultural and social terms).

In this way, A.S.I. will become a sustainable organisation and acquire a good competitive advantage, increasing its contribution towards enriching the socio-economic substrate in which it operates.

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